Introducing… Mr. Ballhead

Be A Baller - Book a Foursome - Save $50 ppHe’s Ballhead,…Mr. Ballhead, and his game is golf.

This man, errrr….ballhead rips a driver 400 yrds, drains putts from all over and makes friends with a birdie at every turn.  At the clubhouse his prowess is legendary. The ladies find his dimples irresistable and if you dare to play cards, watch out for his poker face.

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You won’t want to miss the latest escapade of Mr. Ballhead…


Video #5 – Mr. Ballhead Overdoes Victoria

 Video #1 – Mr. Ballhead Does The VI Golf Trail

Video #2 – The Hangover

Video #3 – Mr Ballhead Hooks Campbell River

Video #4 – Golf’s A Beach