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Golf in Victoria Gets Wild Off the Tee

Getting wild off the tee sounds bad. And ordinarily it is. Wild drives that lead off-fairway into dark holes of rough and despair are generally to be avoided at all costs. But here on Vancouver Island, getting wild off the tee is actively encouraged. Of course, we’ve given it a whole different meaning, so tame that swing and prepare to expend any energy saved for some of these fantastically wild-off-the-tee activities in and around Victoria.

Subdue Wild Salmon

Prime salmon fishing season is upon us.

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Fall Oceanside Golf Destinations on Vancouver Island


Playing golf oceanside may come with its share of non-recognized hazards: ocean breezes and cool mists. But this pales into complete insignificance when you consider the pros of golf courses with ocean views (or near enough): those views obviously, seafood bonanzas, plenty of salty-aired adventure and all-season golf.

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Best Victoria Golf Courses for Buddies

Sick of your golfing buddies heckling you on every round that you didn’t pick the best golf courses? Let us help plan your next golf trip by choosing the best Victoria golf courses for buddies’ outings. Courses that will keep the harshest hecklers both too dazzled by their surroundings and challenged by their own game to worry about yours. Add in their proximity to all sorts of entertainment, and we can guarantee a good time for all, almost completely heckle-free.

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Cowichan Golf and Country Club – Back in the Country

Last course on the trail and I’m up in wine country again just south of Duncan at Cowichan Golf and Country Club. I’ve brought my 16 year-old and his buddy along. They’ve been practising at the driving range and at a short apr-3 course near our house, but it’s one of their first ventures out onto a full-length course.

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Golf in Wine Country – Arbutus Ridge

Arbutus Ridge Golf Course

I’ve heard of the wineries in this part of the Island and – I’ll admit to looking it up – there are 9 of them within easy driving distance from this golf course, but I haven’t heard that much about the golf courses. That’s about to change with Arbutus Ridge, about 40 minutes drive up over the Malahat from downtown Victoria.

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Back to the Bear

The Mountain Course. Didn’t do too well when I was here previously attempting to conquer the Valley, and now am back setting the sights a bit higher at the Mountain. But a lot of golf has flowed through the clubs since then and so am feeling fairly confident on arrival.

After the usual faultless and friendly signing in, I head off to the driving range. It wasn’t incredibly successful, alternating fat and thin with some solid shots, but a definite lack of consistency.

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Playing for a medal at Olympic View

Standing on the first tee at Olympic view you think: “This doesn’t look too hard”. It’s a big wide fairway well below you. You can’t quite see the green, but know it’s not too far away just around the corner. Easy hole to start off with, you think. Well, you’d be right there – it is one of the simplest holes on the course – but there are plenty of challenging ones to come.

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Dr Phil Plays Highland Pacific

Walking into the pro-shop at Highland Pacific and the first thing you notice is that the driving range is right outside, and I mean right outside – a few feet away. There are even water hazards on the range, which I managed to hit into a couple of times, even though I was trying my best to hit over it. It wasn’t looking good on the range with a couple of shanks followed by a quick snap hook – it was a full 9-iron between where those balls ended up. Getting a bit better towards the end though.

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Taming the Bear – Valley Course

There are a lot of large buildings at Bear Mountain – the place is rather large – rather impressive. Headed initially for the building with the crossed golf clubs on it, but those are just there to fool you – that’s not the clubhouse. Spotted a sign, and it’s the one opposite. There was a greeter at the door who wanted us to leave our clubs there and walk through the building, he would make sure the clubs got put on the cart and driven round to meet us at the other side.

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Talking the Trail – South end

There are 215 days left in the year and I have got 11 golf courses to play. That’s one game every 20 days or about every three weeks on average for the rest of the year. At some of the best and most prestigious course on the Island, shouldn’t be too onerous. Guess I’d better look around at where my comeback is to be tested.

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