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Sliding by at Morningstar

The first is a dog leg to the right and I pulled the ball left and left my second short, chipped over the green and then chipped in. Solid par four, ha, ha. Is this a good sign? Two pars later and feeling good I was on the par-3 4th with water short and right thinking this was going to be a good day. After hitting it into the rushes, think I could play it and hitting it six inches and finding I couldn’t  and ending up having to sink a 12-footer for a double, not so good any more.

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Buddies Weekend

This weekend, I’m going to make good progress on the rest of the courses on the trail. It’s a weekend golf trip, something I haven’t done for what has to be close to 25 years. We’re driving up from Victoria on Friday and playing the mixed links and forest of Morningstar, then back for a barbecue with, no doubt, other unhealthy food to go with it. The old-growth natural environment of Storey Creek on Saturday and then golf by the ocean at Fairwinds on Sunday on the way back to Victoria.

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Keeping it Straight at Pheasant Glen

What you’ve got to do at Pheasant Glen is hit the ball straight. Keep the ball going in the right direction between the tee and the green and you should be OK. Vary a bit in either direction and you could be in for a bigger score than you would like. Those lost balls make the score add up. Mind you, you might find a few balls other people thought were gone forever.

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Scoring a Basket at Crown Isle

You know you are in for something special when you come through the entrance to Crown Isle, the manicured trees and shrubbery on the driveway give you an inkling of what the course is going to be like. You are not going to be disappointed.

After I signed in, I went over to the practice range where there are balls already set up. No buckets here, hit as many or as few as you like. It took me a while to get loose, but eventually got there.

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Dr Phil Plays Highland Pacific

Walking into the pro-shop at Highland Pacific and the first thing you notice is that the driving range is right outside, and I mean right outside – a few feet away. There are even water hazards on the range, which I managed to hit into a couple of times, even though I was trying my best to hit over it. It wasn’t looking good on the range with a couple of shanks followed by a quick snap hook – it was a full 9-iron between where those balls ended up. Getting a bit better towards the end though.

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