Guardians of the Green: Behind the Scenes at Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain Guardians of the Green

If you think the grass is always greener on the other side – specifically the side where your favourite golf course lies – you’d be right. In this instance at least, anyway. The grass on the golf course IS always greener, and for once it’s got nothing to do with perspective, envy or emerald-coloured glasses, and everything to do with hard work, dedication and a passion for golf course maintenance. Meet the guardians of the green: the men and women behind the scenes – and greens, and fairways – at every golf course you’ve ever played. None who are harder working, more dedicated or more passionate than the team at Bear Mountain Resort. As their recent video ‘Guardians of the Green’ bears witness to.

Peer into the world behind Bear Mountain’s two Nicklaus Design golf courses through the eyes of Superintendent Chris Ainey as he talks about his team and the passion that goes into maintaining a PGA Tour-quality course. It’s every bit as riveting as actually playing the courses and gives us a new appreciation for the greens we so love to spend time on.