Vancouver Island Attractions


Butchart Gardens

This is perhaps Victoria’s most well known attraction, and is a must see for anyone who needs proof that this is the city of gardens. Themed gardens such as the Japanese, Italian and the English rose garden showcase some of the world’s finest landscaping talent. Absolutely immaculate in every way, this will surely be an inspiration to anyone who has even the slightest of green thumbs.

Also featured are fountains and sculptures, as well as a spectacular show and fireworks display on Saturdays during the summer season. Two fine restaurants and a gift shop completes the experience.

Royal London Max Museum

Located on the Inner Harbour, the Wax Museum is a stop not to be missed when visiting Victoria. Recently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the wax museum is a landmark in the inner harbour. Come and walk amongst the greatest men and women of past and present. Take a stroll through the mines of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, then take a moment and meet the Wizard of OZ. If you think you can take it, see the many forms of torture in the Chamber of Horrors. The Wax Museum is open from 9:30 a.m. throughout the year.

Parliament Buildings

The Parliament Buildings were officially opened in 1898. They are home to our Legislative Assembly and occupy a 5 hectare block next to Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Seen in postcards around the world, the parliament buildings are illuminated every night with approximately 3330 light bulbs, a tradition that began to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Guided tours run daily and showcase the building’s unique design features and construction. This also allows visitors to sit in on a Question Period for a chance to see the B.C. government at work.

Craigdarroch Castle

Completed in 1890, Craigdarroch Castle was built by Robert Dunsmuir, a coal baron and the wealthiest and most influential man in British Columbia. The castle’s 39 rooms and 87 steps have served Victoria as the Conservatory of music, our local college, as well as a hospital just after World War I. In 1979, Craigdarroch Castle was opened to the public as the historical site it is today. This is the original castle built by Robert Dunsmuir. At the time of construction Mr. Dunsmuir was the richest man in British Columbia.

Butterfly Gardens

12,000 square feet of indoor tropical paradise with hundreds of free flying butterflies and nearly 50 feathered friends including the two zany cockatoos “Budgee & Tara”.